“Above and beyond.”

The news we cover at the Associated Press can be incredibly fast paced. When things go wrong a matter of minutes can mean the difference between success and failure, and demands quick problem solving. In my years working at the Associated Press, I’ve contacted James at odd hours from all over the world. James has always been there for us whenever we call, keeping our technology running smoothly. Without his tireless efforts and highly technical skills across a variety of platforms, we could not do our job. He is an integral part of our team.

— Andrew H.
Washington, DC

“Working with James is a lifesaver!”

Whenever I have a technology issue, whether on my laptop, phone, camera or all 3 at the same time, James has been there to handle the problems with zero issues. His expertise has allowed me to stick to my tight deadlines, and propel me ahead of my competitors.

— Pablo M.
Washington, DC

I highly recommend the team at Yo! James. They are dedicated to providing superior technical services. Very friendly, experienced, and thorough."

— Gaby O.
Honolulu, HI


“It is like having your own personal Genius.”

Yo! James has helped me many times with my iPhone and MacBook Air.  Without Yo! James, I would have paid more for my consultation and repairs.  That being said, Yo! James offers competitive pricing, discounts, and personalized support - which is why I keep coming back.

— Anna C.
Miami Beach, FL

“Yo! James will get it done.”

James is one of the best and brightest I have had the pleasure of working with.  Always with a kind word, and ever capable, James always tackles each new task with an upbeat sense of "I got this."  Something new or unusual is his expertise.  If no one else can do it, James is the guy I would ask. 

— Alex B.
Washington, DC


“Client crisis - averted.”

Owning your own graphic design consultancy can be rewarding when it's great, and stressful when it's bad.  While working on a client project, my Mac decided to die on me.  Fortunately, Yo! James was available to assist, replacing the hard drive and restoring my OS and data from a backup.  I was literally back up and running within a few hours.  Definitely a good look! 

— Andrew S.
Washington, DC

“Always there in a pinch.”

In production, we're always on the move - from location scouting, to being on stuck on set with poor service.  While on the move, you want things to run seamlessly, but that isn't always how it goes.  Whenever I get in a technical pinch and need advice, Yo! James always gives me a push in the right direction.  The skill set and problem solving solutions that Yo! James provides, will help you achieve your desired goal.  A "get this done yesterday" attitude is what sets them apart.

— Drew A.
Los Angeles, CA

Yo! James really came through for us.  We needed a website overhaul, but didn't have time to do it ourselves.  We're super impressed with Yo! James, their professionalism and attention to detail.

— Michael H.
Washington, DC